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Professional inverters in several types

If you have 230V AC equipment, but only 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, or 220V batteries or solar panels, or an unstable power supply, you need an inverter.

When do you need an inverter?

  • if the power supply fluctuates, there are network outages
  • doing outdoor work and it is essential to use 230V
  • in holiday homes where there is no mains voltage,
  • to charge electrical devices in the car,
  • during a power fail

The ENERGOM ELECTRONIC KFT. company engaged in the distribution of inverters, devices for use in direct current power supply. Quality is the primary consideration when compiling our product range so that our customers do not have to worry about a reliable power supply.

If you need an inverter and want to get it quickly from a reliable company, contact ENERGOM ELECTRONIC KFT. at the given contact details and ask for the advice and price offer of our colleagues! Our staff is at your disposal!

How to choose an inverter?

The function of the inverter is to convert direct current to alternating current, so you can operate the devices even in the car and elsewhere. The selection of the inverter requires caution therefore we would like to help you make a decision.

We distinguish between two types, modified (trapezoidal, square) and real, also known as pure sine wave output inverters. For both, it is essential to produce adequate performance. This depends on the devices you want to use with the inverter. While a reading lamp has a power of 50-100 watts, a coffee maker requires 800-1600 watts and a vacuum cleaner 1000-1500 watts. However, make sure that the power of the inverter is always higher than the total power of the devices you want to operate from it. EIn this case, the short-term higher starting current generated at switching on must also be taken into account. We can charge a notebook, phone, camera and similar devices from an inverter for a cigarette lighter, while battery-powered inverters can also be used with drills and kitchen utensils.

Sine wave inverters

Due to their sine waveform output waveform and high starting current output, inverters are a wide range of power supply applications for a wide variety of applications. Popular devices in various fields due to their excellent parameters:


  • High efficiency
  • High power delivery capacity
  • Low idle current consumption
  • Wide range of protection features
  • Light weight

Modified sine wave output inverters

Rectangular inverters are reasonably priced, but due to their waveforms, they are not suitable for powering all devices, so before buying, it is important to make sure that the equipment to be powered can operate on such waveforms.