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TDK-Lambda Corporation, a group company of TDK Corporation, was established in Tokyo, Japan, in 2008. Founded through a merger with TDK’s power supply business, we now are a leading company in the manufacture of power supplies for industrial equipment.
Although there are several thousand power supply makers operating around the world, TDK-Lambda is the only one with a full-function setup embracing everything from development and manufacture to sales and maintenance. We have R&D sites in all five key areas of the world―Japan, China, Europe, the United States, and Asia. By taking account of the special characteristics of each area, TDK-Lambda meets the various power supply needs of our customers.

Strengths as a TDK Group Company

TDK-Lambda is the only power supply maker that has access to ferrite, which is used in the transformer of power supplies, and important constituent parts, such as inductors and capacitors, within its Group. This enables us to develop power supply products from the level of materials and components. In addition, TDK-Lambda develops innovative power supplies by utilizing core technologies nurtured so far, such as circuit design technology and thermal/electromagnetic field evaluation and simulation technology.

Products Handled: AC-DC switching power supplies, DC-DC converters, and noise filters for industrial equipment


Our company Energom Electronic has been working with TDK-Lambda as the Hungarian distributorfor more than 25 years and we are known as one of their oldest and most successful distributor in the European market.


The TDK-Lambda history


A global electronics giant is born

TDK is formed in Japan to manufacture ferrite cores. The initials stand for Tokyo Denkikagaku Kōgyō (Tokyo Electronics and Chemicals).


Lambda Electronics Incorporated is formed in USA

Headquartered in Queens NY, Lambda would soon grow into a world class power supply manufacturer.


Meanwhile, in the UK Coutant Electronics Ltd. is formed

Coutant and Lambda, two companies on opposites sides of the Atlantic, would become key players in the TDK-Lambda story.


Lambda Electronics finds a new home

Lambda relocate from Queens to Melville, Long Island NY.


Coutant is soon snapped up by Unitech

Unitech plc is a UK based venture capitalist conglomerate with a special interest in electronic components, equipment and controls.


Lambda is acquired by Veeco Corp

Veeco is an American company incorporated in 1945 by two of the Manhattan Project scientists. Veeco is short for Vacuum Electronic Equipment Company.


Lambda extends its reach to Europe

Lambda Electronics is formed in the UK.


Lambda's European presence grows

Lambda Electronique is formed in France.


Meanwhile, in Japan Nemic Co is formed

The initials stand for Nippon Electronic Memory Industry Company. Nemic specialises in producing computer memory components and switching power supplies.


Lambda enters biggest European market

Lambda GmbH is formed in Germany.


Coutant expands to France

Coutant Electronique is established.


Nemic-Lambda Co. Ltd. is formed

Veeco brings Lambda Electronics and Nemic Co. together to create a formidable power supply manufacturer.


Nemic-Lambda spreads from Europe and the US into the Near East

Nemic Lambda Israel is formed.


Unitech expands to USA

Unitech acquires a 30% interest in Qualidyne Systems Inc, a California-based power supply manufacturer.


Unitech strengthens its USA position

Unitech increases its interest in Qualidyne to 58%.


Unitech acquires the Lambda group of companies from Veeco

Coutant-Lambda UK is formed.


Unitech expands further in Europe

Lambda Electronics is formed in Italy.


Nemic-Lambda Japan becomes a public company

Shares are listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Lambda become part of Siebe plc

Siebe acquire Unitech Holdings. Siebe specialise in the automation and control systems industries. With this acquisition it becomes one of the UK's largest engineering businesses.


Lambda continues to grow

The Lambda Group acquires Electronics Measurements Inc, a company initially formed in 1945 to manufacture electronic instruments for the American military's R&D markets.


Lambda become part of Invensys plc

Invensys is formed through the merger of Siebe plc and BTR plc.


Densei-Lambda is formed

This is achieved through a merger between Nemic Lambda Japan and Nippon Electric Industry Co. Ltd.


TDK acquires Lambda Group

TDK acquires the Lambda companies from Invensys plc. Densei-Lambda retain 49% shares.


Densei-Lambda solidifies its position

Densei-Lambda gains Lambda Americas and Lambda Europe as subsidiaries


Densei-Lambda becomes wholly owned by TDK

Densei-Lambda is delisted from the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.


Lambda EMEA is formed

This is achieved through the alliance of Lambda Europe and Nemic Lambda Israel.


TDK-Lambda Corporation is formed

TDK merges Densei-Lambda with its existing power division, the TDK Power Systems Business Group.


TDK-Lambda enhances its ability to supply the European market

TDK-Lambda opens a new European Logistics and Supply Centre in Achern Germany.


TDK-Lambda opens its Advanced Technology Centre in Bristol

Located at the Bristol and Bath Science Park, the Advanced Technology Centre has been set up to accelerate TDK-Lambda’s current and planned power supply technology developments.


TDK-Lambda today

TDK-Lambda recognised as the market leader for Industrial and Medical power supplies.