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Batteries for Industrial and Private Use

A quality battery is an essential accessory in the industry. If you choose our webshop, you can get sealed, unsealed lead-acid batteries or LiFePO4 / LiFeYPO4 types at great prices. Whatever capacity you think of we certainly won't leave you empty-handed. Order an industrial battery today!

About battery performance

The basis of the operation and structure of batteries has not changed for nearly a hundred years. Models used in cars and more powerful industrial models work on a similar principle.

The battery is made up of cells, in which a positive and a negative electrode and the surrounding electrolyte are housed.

Electricity is stored chemically. When discharging, the process is essentially the same as that known for galvanic cells. During charging the chemical reaction takes place backwards.

The battery can be cyclic, moving, standby or starter, depending on its intended use. The external design of the different types is almost identical, but there may be significant differences in the composition of the electrolyte or the design of the structure under the casing.