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Battery management systems - BMS

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The battery management system is an essential part of any lithium cell based energy storage system. The BMS monitors parameters like cell voltage, cell temperature and incoming/outgoing currents and if any of these values are out of the specified range it sends signals to the chargers, inverters, DC/DC converters, etc… The advanced battery management systems has passive or active cell balance and digital communication interfaces.

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123SmartBMS Gen3 modular BMS between cell board
6 429 Ft+VAT=8 164 Ft
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123SmartBMS Gen3 modular BMS begin board
39 857 Ft+VAT=50 619 Ft
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123SmartBMS Gen3 modular BMS end board
50 786 Ft+VAT=64 498 Ft
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123SmartBMS Gen3 modular BMS set Bluetooth 4.0
115 071 Ft+VAT=146 141 Ft
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123SmartRelay 120A dual relay 2xSPST-NO
35 357 Ft+VAT=44 904 Ft
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123SmartBMS modular BMS extended module
127 929 Ft+VAT=162 469 Ft
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